Interview with Russell Oswald

So describe it for me. What was it like? What did it look like? What were people doing?


Well first I saw the hostages. I had a chance to look at them. And they were badly beaten and they had ah cloths over their eyes ah blinding them, you know. And ah ah they were cowed, ah they had been beaten bas... so badly. And the ah prisoners, ah the leaders, were up on the stand looking down on me. And ah...ah they were trying to humiliate me any way they could that ah they were asking for certain things and they wanted those or there would be people killed. I talked as rationally as I could with them. And ah listened to them for some period of time. And ultimately ah they said they had an agenda of what they wanted. And I said well give me the agenda.** And they did. They said ah, what can you do about that? Can you give us all these things? I said I'd have to study them. And they said well ah when do you want to study them? I said as soon as you're through with me I'll go out and study them, which is what I did.