Interview with Russell Oswald

What led you to decide that the third time you went into D Yard that it would be the last time that you should go?


Well, they were, when I went into the institution for the third time, ah, I was in there for, I think over an hour and a half. And, ah, there was a different mood. They, ah, seemed to be more bitter and more demanding and, ah, ah, one of the prisoners began yelling that instead of releasing me they should hang me in the yard on this occasion. And that they ought not to let me out. And that picked up. There was a chant, "Hang Oswald" and so on. And, ah, ah, I then felt that I had to talk my way out of it. I told them that they were ill advised to think of anything like that. That I was more help to them alive than dead. And that they ought to give serious thought to that. Well, they talked for some time and the leaders said, don't be worried like that but meanwhile, they were still yelling, hang me. Ah, finally, they gave the assignment to Big Smith who was, ah, big, husky fellow. And, ah, he led a troop of, of prisoners. And they said, just relax now for a few minutes and he'll get you out of here. And, in 10 or 15 minutes, they got a group of prisoners together and provided a guard for me to get out.