Interview with Russell Oswald

By Sunday, it was pretty clear to you that the inmates were not going to pay attention to these 28 demands because they were focusing on the other three. And the observers had a new recommendation that Governor Rockefeller should come to the prison. Did you join in that recommendation and can you tell me why?


The, ah, Observers Committee, by Sunday, began to realize that, ah, the prisoners apparently were not going to accept the 28, ah, answers to their demands, which were affirmative. They felt that, ah, ah, they needed to get some commitment from the Governor that, he would either come to the institution, or he would grant amnesty for any crimes that might have been committed. Ah, they got in touch with District Attorney James and, ah, ah, a group of the, ah, observers, I've forgotten who was all included, but I know Tom Wicker was one of them and Senator Dunn and there was a third. They talked with him at length and he spent a lot of time talking with them but he gave them no answer that was satisfactory with them. In, previously before they talked to the Governor, they talked with District Attorney James who also assured them he would give them no, no, ah, answer on amnesty that he would have to prosecute. So that at that point they, they felt that they were getting nowhere, not with the Governor, not with District Attorney James and certainly not with me, at that point.