Interview with Russell Oswald

I'm sorry. I have to stop you. I need to deal only with what you knew at the time based on other information because you didn't have those affidavits yet. Something led you to decide that things had changed and that it was no longer prudent to allow the Observer Committee into the yard, into direct contact with the inmates, on the knowledge you had that Sunday. What had changed? Why did you decide that?


Well, I decided not to, ah, let them go into, ah, institution anymore because they were polarizing the, this, ah, group in the yard. And, I knew that I had to make a decision soon. I couldn't let it go much longer. And for them to fear, ah--for them to, ah, make matters worse by going into the yard would just make it impossible for us to, to deal with them subsequently, that night or the next morning. As a matter of fact, ah, that night some of them stayed in the yard all night, some of the obs--observers.