Interview with Russell Oswald

So, Monday morning, you made one last effort to negotiate. What happened and what led to the action that was taken?


Ah, on Monday morning I got there early because I was up all night anyhow and I had the memorandum typed. Ah, in which, I told them all of the efforts that I had made all this time and that I wanted him to release the hostages and meet with us outside in any place he suggested and we'd work out the, the difficulties. And he knew that, ah, from the material I had given, given him previously what we planned to give to the prisoners. And I ended it by saying, "I implore you, under these circumstances, to make the decision to meet with us" And I handed it to him. And I said, "You will have a half hour to make up your mind." He said, no. I said, "Fifteen minutes." He said, "I need a half hour." I said, "We'll give you a half an hour." And I said, "Mr. Clarke, I not only beg you to do this but I implore you to do it." And he left and fifteen minutes later they took the hostages up on the catwalk, blindfolded, with, ah, so-called executioner at the neck of all of the eight men who were put on the catwalk. So, with that information, and the fact that he had done that and wouldn't come back, we had the CD already for the helicopters and they called me and told me that, that he hadn't answered. So, we sent the helicopters over with the CD yes[SIC], and we began the retaking of the institution.


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