Interview with Russell Oswald

Let me ask you, what is your response when critics charge, which obviously you know that people have charged, that the State engaged in a, what's been called a turkey shoot, that the prisoners weren't going anywhere, that the force that they took the prison back with was just completely unnecessary. What's your response?


I've heard people say that it was turkey shoot. I heard, ah, Mr. Williams who was the, one of the top men in the State Police and Captain Monahan of the State Police, lecture to all of their men on at least two occasions that, make certain, no one can ever say that this was a turkey shoot. And it certainly was not. It was planned, carefully planned, so that, that they could do it with the least damage in individual lives. The fact of the matter is, a lot of it changed when they put the men on the, on the tunnels and, at the top of the tunnels, and began to cut them. Things changed at that point.


Why it seemed like knowing that taking the prison, somebody is going to get hurt. It also seems like the State was not prepared medically--