Interview with Russell Oswald

If I'm a 16 year old viewer and I've never heard of George Jackson, can you describe who George Jackson was from your point of view as a prison official? Who was George Jackson and what was he saying in your mind, to the prisoners at Attica?


Well I think George Jackson was a, a, a individual who was alienated. He, he was typical of those times and times such as now, when when, African Americans felt that they weren't getting and even shake, and he was bitter about that and he wanted to change things, and certainly I, agreed with that, I agreed with from the beginning of time, that much had to be done to make situations better for not only African Americans but for Hispanics, and for so many other people, who are just as disadvantaged, either financially or through hereditary or any number of reasons. And so I thought it was alright to have some celebration for him. Some, not celebration, but some feelings for him.