Interview with Bill Perry

Okay, give me your first impressions of Miami.


Well I came to Miami in 1977 out of Baltimore. When I first got here I was kind of excited about coming to a new area. I only came to stay six months. But one of the glaring uh, kind of things that I noticed that uh, particularly among African-Americans is that there were no groups here caught up in the so-called civil rights struggle that were very active. No young militant groups uh, NAACP was somewhat inactive. In fact I became president of NAACP after only being here about a year and a half, which I thought was somewhat alarming, to give you some idea of what was going on in the community at the time. Um, I expected um, to find more civil rights activity, and I didn't find much. I was working in the school system, um, and found the community to be somewhat uh, depressing.