Interview with Bill Perry

Okay, tell me about the demonstration on Miami Beach.


Shortly after I came here, uh, as head of NAACP, there was a South African fighter who was having a fight on Miami Beach. Ah, since he was f--from South Africa, I called for a demonstration at the time. In fact, Jessie Jackson came down and tried to get the people stirred up for that. Ah, we met with the commissioners on the beach, we did not get any results, so we went through with the demonstration. I felt somewhat good about it and as much as we had it on Miami Beach because a lot of the little old Jewish ladies participated in the demonstration with us. And I often made the comment, "I'm glad it's on Miami Beach and not in Liberty City because we did have a following." Ah, the demonstration wasn't effective but it, it looked good. Ah, there was an absence of uh, African-American participation, but we went through with it anyway.