Interview with Bill Perry

What happened that night?


All hell broke loose that night. Ah, it just so happened that people came to the meeting that we were having, at the same time there were people already in Liberty City had started blocking streets, barricading streets, pushing uh, dumpsters in the streets so that traffic would slow down, and they were attacking people in the cars. Um, White people were driving through the area. A lot of those persons started marching to the courthouse as we were--not the courthouse, the state attorney's office--'cause we were on the steps with the crowd out there. Ah, the other group came in, we didn't have a public address system, the cops wouldn't let us have one, we'd requested one. Consequently we could not reach all the people, so some confusion took place. The guys that came into the demonstration brought a bullhorn and they were able to capture the crowd and get their attention and said they were going to march somewhere else. Some of the people started marching just as that took place, some of the kids set a car on fire in front of the building. And from that point it seemed as if fires started to light up all over the place and people started breaking out the windows and crashing in--into the state attorney's uh, office building.