Interview with Bill Perry

During the course of the next several days when the riots were happening, Jesse Jackson, Andy Young, Ben Hooks, Joseph Lowery, all came to Miami. What did you think of their participation?


I was, I think Jesse did an excellent job. Jesse always, when he comes into to this community, tends to relate to people in the community. Ah, Ben and the rest of them uh, they met over at the Howard Johnson in North Miami Beach, far removed from the community, most of them did not live in the community at the time. Jesse lived with a resident of the Liberty City at the time and played basketball with kids on the street, actually could relate to them. The rest of them held high powered meetings and got a lot of press attention and not much resulted from that. In fact, I uh, left them and went to a radio station and just talked on the radio I guess for about 27 hours trying to tell people to cool it, to calm down, uh, and refused to meet with uh, those groups at the time.


Ok, lets stop down.