Interview with Bill Perry

Very good. Let's stop down.

Tell us about the Miami Beach demonstration.


Okay, my, my first involvement and direct action in, this area happened to have been I think around 1980 uh, when Gerrie Coetzee came in, a South African fighter, to participate in a fight on Miami Beach. Ah, we got the NAACP kind of revved up for that and called for a demonstration on the beach. Ah, we didn't get much participation from persons on this side, from the Liberty City or the so-called African-American community. We did get a large participation from many of the Jews on Miami Beach who have, and who know oppression and have experienced it first hand and were willing to participate. In fact, the demonstration was only supposed to, was supposed to last about five hours, but I looked at the some of the dear old ladies and men we had and they were willing to go with it, but we had to shorten the demonstration because we just not, could not see carrying them out there that long. Ah, it wasn't successful and we were not able to stop the fight. But it seemed to bring together a sense of alliance between the older Jews in this community and some few of the African-Americans.


That's fine...I think I heard a rollout on that.