Interview with Otis Pitts

So you were talking about what the police would get in the White communities versus Black communities. T- tell me that again.


Yeah, I mean you found the police officers getting their Courteous Officer of the Month Award for work they often did in the White community. But, ah, you know you got the, you make the Officer of the Month in the Black community, you got people out there that busts some heads and make the arrests, etcetera. It often resulted in is police officers upgrading arrests. Where they may have a B&E of a, of an auto, ah, entering auto, you know, it's a moderate thing. They'll beef it up to a B&E of an auto because they got a bigger charge out of it. You couldn't make Officer of the Month for the nice things you did. You made it for the hard crimes, the Part 1 crimes you got. So, ah, and you did that in the Black community in the main.