Interview with Otis Pitts

Were you surprised at the response from the community?


Ah, I was not surprised by what was happening on the part of the community. I mean I think that all meaningful, I mean, or responsible people of this community felt the outrage at this officers being found not guilty. Ah, and for the Black community to over, I mean to act the way it did. It waited un- for the courts to have at it. I mean it gave the justice system a chance to, to do its thing, ah, in spite of the fact that it changed the venue and everything else. So, this community gave this community, I mean gave the criminal justice system a chance to work. And when it didn't, in a case where it was very obvious, these officers were guilty. Other officers testified against other officers, which is a code you seldom break in the Police Department. When you find that kind of thing happening you got a crime on your hand. Ah, and, ah, this community just, just refused to accept that kind of disregard for, for Black life, I mean of a man who clearly was not involved in any serious crime and at best was, a- committed a traffic violation.