Interview with Otis Pitts

How did the super market chains, chain you ultimately attracted respond to this kind of approach which was like straight up mainstream?


Well, what we found was, was that they really responded in a very businesslike way once we approached them on a businesslike basis. I mean, they, they really start posturing about, ah, you know trying to get the, get the right rents, etcetera. I mean once they recognize it was there. But I have to give one guy a lot of credit. It was their architect for Winn-Dixie. I mean, it was, was tough to come in and retrofit a, a, a super market into an existing building, ah, ah, building because of all of the mechanicals, etcetera, associated with that and pretty interesting to understand what that involves. But he thought it was a challenge that he wanted to undertake but beyond that he felt that it was do-able, you know. So there was some reluctance to, to try to see if they couldn't fit it in here. Once we convince them the market, etcetera was here. With the convention tha- we had convinced them also that we had a building that we could convert to meet its needs because, it has a definite layout in the super market business to get some, ah, certain economies and certain efficiencies, etcetera. But we convinced them that we were capable of putting together, so. It was a very positive response once, ah, Winn-Dixie was assured that we could, in fact, deliver what we were talking about.