Interview with Otis Pitts

This is your opportunity to tell me some stuff now. Tell me your approach towards self-determination for yourself as an entrepreneur, for your company and people working with you and as it relates to this community and its hopes for the future, talk to me about that.


Well, I, I think ultimately, I mean, you know we have to recognize that even, no matter how well intentioned people are, that we'll have to solve our own problems ultimately. I mean at best we can receive some assistance in doing that but the solution has to be ours and ultimately we have implement the solution**. So, it's about us doing it for ourselves in the final analysis, maybe with the assistance of others but clearly our own effort. And so therefore, we got to look at the opportunities in our, in our communities. I mean to become more economically viable and to create a wherewithal out of it. I think the stuff, if you will, for doing that is already in place. I mean it's clearly been the fortunes of others. We got to now make it a fortune for ourselves. I mean we spend an enormous amount of money for all kinds of goods and services but they've been spent outside this community. So therefore, you know, jobs, wealth, etcetera is created upon a transaction. You know if everything is being bought outside your community, etcetera, being made outside your community, that's where the economic centers are being developed. We've got to now begin to look at creating those things in our own community with our own resources currently, not to find new money, just existing money which we currently expend in this country is sufficient to start an economic, I mean, just a, you know, ah, via- I mean an economic plan to revitalize our communities.