Interview with Otis Pitts

Now, you walked a beat in Overtown, a place where you grew up. Tell me what Overtown was like.


Well, at the time Overtown was a, was a bustling community. I mean, ah, it was somewhat on the decline but it was still, I mean it was still a lot, you know, of the economic viability that it had was still there, I mean we had, ah, a sort of night life infrastructure there where the city didn't close down. I mean it just stayed open all night long and other entertainers would come in etcetera. We had restaurants, ah, all kinds of shops. I mean it literally was a, a complete community a self contained community. Ah, a very exciting place to be, you know, ah, there was always something going on all the time. So, ah, I enjoyed the beat. I mean it was a familiar area for me, one. Lot of friends there, ah, and that was both, ah, you know helpful and sometimes harmful, I mean, to have that, you know, friends. But, I enjoyed it and it was a, it was a great community.