Interview with Edwin Pope

Now, you, you know you told Sam though when you were in con- you were in high school you had a friend who was a basketball player, and it never really occurred to you that he wouldn't have wanted to go to say like the University of Georgia to play basketball. Am I getting the story straight?


When I was in high school in Athens, Georgia, I had a, I was, ah, the team manager for basketball and I had a friend, ah, a close friend who was Black and he was a star for the Black high school in Athens, Georgia. They were strictly segregated at that time. And we used to sit around and, ah, talk at night over at the University of Georgia, out on the steps and, and I used to, ah, wonder occasionally, it would just come into my mind subliminally, ah, how good he could have been on our White team in our White school at Athens High school, or at the University of Georgia but such a thing was so totally out of the question, I never really got wrapped up in it because he'd never entertained any idea of it either. I think it came up in conversation a couple of times and he would just sort of laugh and shrug and it seemed so, so farfetched that, ah, we didn't even try to deal with it.