Interview with Rosemary Porter

So, what happened on the day you moved into Marquette Park?


Well, on the day that we moved into Marquette Park, ah, the Civil Rights Mo- marchers marched down St. Louis, which is like, St. Louis is like, ah, three houses down. Three, three houses down from my new house. And after coming from a neighborhood that had undergone all the pressures of, ah, panic peddling and seeing the neighborhood go from totally White to probably 95 percent Black since we had lived there for like four years after it had undergone racial change, it was, um, it was, ah, well, I- it wasn't, I can't say it was like frightening I, I just, I just felt like, "Oh God," you know, "I, we went through all of this once, you know?" Ah, not marching or whatever. But just, ah, neighborhood being up, ah, you know, just, ah, up- upheaval, just like upheaval of the whole area over there. Um, and you really get kind of like, ah, well, you know, y- you move from one place and come to another place and now you're just going to have a lot of, ah, aggravation with, ah, with all this.


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