Interview with Rosemary Porter

So you found out this demonstration was going down on the next street. What did it look like? What did you see?


Well, there d- there were just crowds of Black people and the, and police and everybody was shouting and, I mean, it was really, ah, I mean, I just, I wasn't prepared for the, the idea that, ah, you know, I was going to have to deal. That's the first thought that had came to my mind, is I was going to have to deal with this all over again. And, ah, and I was also afraid that you know, like something would happen. I mean, there were all kinds of police and everything. And I thought well, you know wa- what is this? Um, you know, it's one thing to march, well, I guess, I just guess you know that when the, the Blacks are there and the police are there that somewhere along the line, they're planning on dealing with confrontation from somebody else. And I just did not want to, ah, be a witness or a party to that. I just, I really didn't see a I thought, "Oh God." That's what I thought--