Interview with Rosemary Porter

What were the Nazi Party? The Conflicts. People were looking for a confrontation. As the person in the middle, how does that make you feel


I guess people were looking for a confrontation, and I guess how it made me feel, I guess I don't want to seem my neighborhood used for a battleground, for people of opposing views. I mean I really resent that. By and large the majority of people in this neighborhood are peaceful, they're peace loving people, they just raise their families, and we're always portrayed as the racist south west side, and those people over there they're always looking to burn crosses on people's lawns. That isn't true, people want to live in these neighborhoods and they don't want to be panic peddled. have people telling them, "Well if you don't move you're going to loose your, your, your fortune," your fortune is your house, that's all it is that's your fortune for most of these middle class people that's your fortune, your home.