Interview with Rosemary Porter

OK, deep breath. OK. How do you feel about having your neighborhood be chosen as the place where a bunch of people are going to make a stand? How does that make you feel?


I really resent groups, any groups coming into my neighborhood and ah, creating an atmosphere like it has to be an armed camp. I really resent that. This is my neighborhood, everybody's got their views, and certainly have their rights to express them however they want. Well I don't want them in my neighborhood, let 'em go down to grand park, or some place, get their selves together and do what they have to do. I don't want my neighborhood this idea of an armed camp, that we're a White racist because we've got these Nazi's, that we don't want Blacks because we don't want the Blacks marching to Marquette Park. Let 'em go, everybody, leave the neighborhood in peace. We march in the park? That park is for this total area. They can't, you can't take the kids up to the park when there's going to be a march.