Interview with Reverend John Powis

Okay, and what, what role, in terms of the community, did anti-Semitism play in the reception of, in their reaction to the teachers, do you think?


When we asked the teachers to transfer out of the district, and that was only after they had given us an awful year, the first year of the demonstration was really no demonstration, because there was so much resistance from the teachers that, uh, very little happened. I mean, they just kept doing, suspending kids, sending them over to McCoy for suspense hearings. So when we asked those teachers to transfer, there was no consideration on the part of the board, absolutely nothing, to do with any kind of, of anti-Jew, matter of fact, we never really knew, or even, even alluded to the fact of who was, who was Jewish and who wasn't. That had nothing to do with it at all.