Interview with Reverend John Powis

What was the plan during that summer of '68, Donovan said to keep the schools open. He knew there would be a strike in the fall.


During the summer of '68, it was not really clear what was going to happen, because, I think that the Board of Ed and the mayor's office and the union and those people were hoping that there would be a solution to the problem during the summer. But there wasn't, and the summer kept going on, and it got closer and closer to September, and the district then asked if we could hire new teachers. And, slightly to our surprise, th--Bernard Donovan told us that we could hire new teachers. And so we put this big ad in the New York Times, and asked all these young teachers that, that would want to come into this district. And to our amazement, we had, the next day, 240 people come to the district office. Coming from all parts of the country. And an interesting thing, 80% of them were, were, were Jewish teachers.