Interview with Reverend John Powis

What was going on inside the school at that time? Did you ever believe that you would win, that something would be- what did you think was going along when you went inside the school?


During the strike every time I went into the schools, particularly 271 or IS 55, ah, I saw something that I thought was so spectacular that I still thought that we were going to win this thing. I mean I knew the odds were against us. But I think what really made it so difficult was the fact that something was happening in those schools. I mean, here you had mostly new teachers, who was not supposed to have this tremendous experience and all this stuff. But you had schools that were completely orderly, where classes were going on. Where, and, and people were coming in from the State Office of Education, from the mayor's office, from the Board of Education, and they were seeing this and they saying like, "You know, who's so stupid as to destroy this?" And, ah.