Interview with Reverend John Powis

What was, what was meant by community control? What, what did you think people meant when they spoke of community control?


When people in Ocean Hill-Brownsville spoke of community, community control, they were thinking of something with much more power than any local school board has now. They were talking about issues like being able to prepare the food for the children. They were talking about their own construction dollars. They were talking about selecting their own principals, assistant principals and teachers. They were also talking about doing a certain amount of work with curriculum. But sometimes people get the confusion that somehow or another we wanted to write the curriculum. We didn't want to write the curriculum by ourselves. We wanted to write curriculum maybe together with teachers or people from colleges. So, a certain amount of control over curriculum that we would do with the teachers, selection of principals, assistant principals and teachers, ah, some control over construction money and also the food enterprises of the school, so that the food will be more representative of the community where, where the schools are at.