Interview with Laurie Pritchett


Chief Laurie Pritchett:

Uh, I wanted him to I told him that he had to guard Dr. King, that the Klan was nearby, he was staying in a motel. I said He's vulnerable. If he's ever killed the cities in this country are going to burn. Uh, he said - I don't want to, I'm not going to guard him, if they want to kill him, that's up to them, I'm not going to put my men guarding him. That night, as you well know, that motel was blowed up, and the room that.. .uh, luckily he was not killed, but the next day they had violence. All the cars, or half of the cars in Birming…police cars in Birmingham, were destroyed the next day. I left. Uh, he didn't take my advice, I didn't like his methods - frankly, I didn't like the man. Our philosophy did not, we couldn't get along.