Interview with Albert Raby

Is there a story that you remember that best tells about the first several months of experimentation and programs ? Stories you remember that highlight the--


Well, one of the, the interesting things to me at least was getting to know Martin and dealing with him as a person. Martin was notorious for being late. I am notorious for being on time. So that we, as, a co-chairman, I clearly had a hesitancy and being critical of Martin. But after being here for about six weeks and coming to a meeting three hours late, I said, and having the whole staff of 50 people waiting for him, I said to Martin that I thought it was ridiculous for him to be continuously late. And his response to me was to tell me that he was just a poor country boy, he was still getting familiar with the city, he had a hard time finding his way around. And six or eight weeks later, I raised the same question with him. And then he went into a sermon preaching about his six or seven jobs, and so I finally gave up and realized that I was just going to have to endure his personal limitations in that respect.