Interview with Albert Raby

OK, can we stop for a second?


One form of that, lack of sophistication was the fact that for example, Virgil Martin, who was head of Carson Pirie Scott and was the president of State Street Chamber of Commerce Association, who had in, in previous years been the leader in identifying and hiring and encouraging others to hire minorities in the downtown business arena, became the person who called for the retention of superintendent Willis when he had resigned, and caused him to come back. That dichotomy between, on the one hand, this decent human being who was taking leadership in one arena that benefited the progress of race relations in Chicago and the opportunities for Blacks, on the other hand was stifling, leading the effort that, that stifled reform in education, which was of equal importance. Ah, that dichotomy just was not clear. If I were, today, confronted with the same problem, I would clearly be able to anticipate it and understand it.