Interview with Albert Raby

Do you want to tell me about the Marquette march, first the decision to march to White neighborhoods? What were you expecting?


Well that, the decision to march, march through Marquette Park was one of several programs that we had. Mayor Daley had said that there was no ghettos in, in the city and that the racial composition of the city was as a result people's desires, that you could live really anywhere you wanted to, but people just chose to live where they were. So that our decision to go real estate agencies in White communities and ask to look at property which is available created an environment in which the White community reacted negatively and threatened us. And the situation, or the attitude of the movement was that we were not going to be frightened out of these neighborhoods, and so we had to, continually march in and out of those neighborhoods and 'til people were convinced that we were not going to be threatened, and that we had to be dealt with, and that the city had to admit that there was in fact segregation and initiate programs to reme--that, remedy that.