Interview with Albert Raby

Can you tell me about Sunday, you went to the first Marquette block, and cars were overturned, and you went, can you walk me through that night, maybe beginning with the point where you crossed the line into the White neighborhoods?


We drove that Sunday to Marquette Park, parked our cars, and started marching, around the community. Came back to find, a number of the cars burning and overturned. Ah, and we were asked by the police if we wanted to get into paddy wagons and be driven out for our own safety. We refused that and marched from Marquette Park back into, to our point of departure, which was about 20, 25 blocks. Between Marquette Park and the Black community was about seven--17, 18 blocks, and we were attacked constantly with young Whites throwing bricks at the marchers as we marched down 71st Street. Later on television, there were cameras of large numbers of large sized police vans with very large contingent of police who did not who were not deployed for our protection and, in fact, simply sat and waited until everything was over. When that showed on TV, on national TV, that embarrassed the city and I think put the mayor on the spot. And from that point on, we were given the protection necessary to, for our marches.