Interview with Albert Raby

What would your response be to a White homeowner who says, "I've lived in Chicago 20 years, I've seen neighborhoods go downhill as soon as Black families-- I've paid a lot for my house and I'm not going to lose it?"


I would say to them that they are victims of real estate speculation and panic-peddling which was also allowed by the city. That is that it was very clear that real estate agencies were steering Blacks into a block that was changing without regard to the stability of the neighborhood, sometimes without regard to whether or not the person would be able to economically maintain the house that was being sold to them. So that, and then, the remaining houses being sold, first being purchased, for less than their value, and then being sold for much, for a much higher, inflated price to Blacks. And so both were victims of that real estate manipulation, and I have some sympathy with that manipulation and that victimization of Whites as well as the victimization that was occurring with Blacks.