Interview with Albert Raby

What about the split in the movement that was beginning to come, to manifest itself in terms of Robert Lucas and CORE and people saying the marching shouldn't have stopped and the beginning of the Black Power faction within the movement, can you talk about that?


Well, I had had the experience in 1965 of marching until the troops were exhausted and totally dissipated. One of the considerations that one has to consider in, in negotiations is where is the point where you've maximized what you can get. And to take something that hopefully is meaningful, so that you don't totally dissipate your energies, totally disappoint people in terms of their expectations, we reached the point in which we thought that we had achieved not everything we wanted, but everything we could achieve, and there were those who disagreed with that, but we had the burden of decision, we made the best one we could, as honestly as we could, with all the suspicions that were shared by those of us who were criticizing us**.