Interview with Albert Raby

Can you give me some examples, tell me about the local movement and essentially about Mayor Daley's control in the movement or his attempting to control the movement?


Well, Mayor Daley had an enormous amount of influence in the city of Chicago and therefore influenced our ability to influence the community that we were trying to gather together to protest. Ah, we, we had run independent candidates in earlier races. Sammy Raynor had run in the sixth ward. We had run some independent congressional candidates, not successfully. But we had on the one hand made education a major issue throughout the city and throughout the Black community in particular. During that period of time the Black kids were on double shifts, were in overclod--crowded classrooms and were being housed in mobile classes which we coined as the "Willis Wagons" of Chicago, so that it was a, on the one hand it was a very, very tight control but politically by the mayor. But we were able to make some issues that, of concern to the Black community very, very broad based in their acknowledgement that they were the major issues and the, and a significant number of people concerned about them.