Interview with Albert Raby

If you could talk about the sophistication--


Another example of the lack of sophistication, and I think, understanding, of the movement of the political power of the Daley machine, even penetrating into Black organizations was exemplified right after Emmett Till was killed in Mississippi. Willoughby Abner was then president of the local NAACP, former UAW regional director who's led protest marches around the Emmett Till murder. The political machine was frightened of that organizational effort and decided that the direction that Willoughby Abner was leading the NAACP was one that would not be beneficial to them, and so they had Dawson organize an effort to take over the NAACP, and, literally, he called out every precinct captain, had them take out membership in the NAACP, checked them off as they walked through the meeting that was going to vote on the presidency, and voted Willoughby Abner out of office. And there, and there, from there on, took over the control of the NAACP locally here in Chicago. That's one example of the willingness and ability of that political organization to penetrate into the social organizations and fabric of Civil Rights organizations in Chicago.