Interview with Craig Rains


Craig Rains:

We were apprehensive about the — the troops when they came, because — I think they were uptight, too. They didn't know what they were going to get into. There had been some —some violence go on. There had been some people hurt, and they were going in to what they might even consider a war zone, so to speak, so they were a little tense. And —and of course we were tense because they were coming in, as federal troops, and we didn't know what to think. They bivouacked, and pitched their tents on our football practice field. And the helicopters parked out there, and from time to time would take off. But they didn't fraternize with the students, at all, so there was little bit of distance between them. But the first time there was a home football game, when Central played at the stadium, which is right behind the school. Well, all of the 101st airborne troops came as a unit, and marched in and sat on the Central High side, and cheered for the Tigers. And when they did that, they immediately won over the hearts of the parents and the students, and the team, and everybody else, and it really broke the ice, and was a great thing. Another thing that they did was, they went — several of them went to the State Fair, and they won a bunch of stuffed toys out there, and then they decided they were going to give those to, I think Children's Hospital, donate those. And so they called the student newspaper, and asked if they could get some publicity for that, which we gave them publicity, and they did little things like that that really, kind of won the community over to them, which I thought was really great.


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