Interview with Craig Rains


Craig Rains:

I had — one of my jobs as an officer in the student council was to do some outside work, raise the flags for homeroom period. So I was generally the last person in the halls, every morning after raising the flag before I went to class. We had — this had been going on, all the commotion and everything outside the school had been going on for some time, the federal troops had come in. And one morning after I had raised the flag, and was on my way to my homeroom, I looked up, and through a side door, I saw the students, the black students, coming in. And they looked lost. In fact, when they first came in, there was — there was nobody with them. They were — they were by themselves. The military people were behind them, so I didn't see them. So I walked up to I guess Ernest Green was probably the first one in line there, and I said, I guess you're looking for the office, aren't you? And he said, yes we are. And I said, C'mon, I'll show you where it is. So I took them down to the office and walked in, and told Miss Huckaby that the students were there to come to school. And with that I left.