Interview with Craig Rains


Craig Rains:

Are you talking about the 101st? Or the National Guard? After the 101st Airborne came in, things, settled down probably within 24 hours. That was a crack bunch of troops. They knew what they were doing. Their leader was a – a superior military man, and they called us together in an assembly at school, and introduced General Walker as being the commander of the troops, and he told us how the cow ate the cabbage. The troops were first-class in every way. They were very courteous, but they didn't take any —anything off of anybody, and you could tell, just by the way they stood, that they meant business, and things cleaned out immediately. One of the — one of the good things was they immediately moved the demarcation zone away from the campus, and — so that we were protected by a block of dead space, where people couldn't drive down, and they dispersed— we didn't know whether there were any riots, or people or anything going on away from the school, but they had the good sense to move their line of troops away. And that immediately — once — once the crowds got away from the school, there was no excitement to them, so they eventually dispersed. And it was because of the professional way that the 101st handled it.