Interview with Athalie Range

A couple of weeks later, June 9th, President Carter came in town to meet with a number of community leaders, uh, I know, I believe Frank Bartlett[SIC] from Indian[SIC] Airlines and Claude Pepper perhaps, and I know that you were in that group along with them. Tell--what was the purpose there. What did he hope to accomplish?


Ah, I think President Carter came in, uh, like other leaders came in to try to calm the people. And of course, uh, between May 17th and June 9th we'd had time to more or less get back to almost normal, aside from the fact that of course the city was in a terrible circumstance, having been burned much more than it had in any other circumstance of that kind. President Carter came in with hopes and promises that we could do something with, with money, with promises of jobs, with promises of better treatment. Ah, police brutality was a very, was the foremost subject on everybody's mind at that time because it all grew out of the brutal killing of Arthur McDuffie. He came to make some promises to us that unfortunately were not kept. It strikes me that he might have mentioned something about five million or more dollars coming into the community to overcome the ruin that had been in our neighborhoods. Perhaps some of it did get out here, but I think that the greater portion of it did not filter down to the people who were hurt most by the riots. But I think this was his intent.