Interview with Athalie Range

What happened when you left that meeting that night? You were in the limousine with a--


Yes, yes. We were in the limousine. We left the meeting place, uh, which was the James E. Scott Community Center I believe it was on Northwest 54th Street. And of course, a very large crowd of people were there. Most of them were there to greet the President very gleefully. I can recall our having come from Miami Beach and the, the route that we took coming down 22nd Avenue. There were people waving and of course the President was returning the waves of the people. We went in and had this, uh, very fine meeting where questions were asked and answers were given. As we came out and, uh, did get in the limousine, of course, the President stood outside the limo for a moment and said some words to the people, and as we got into the limousine and the secret service men were driving--were running alongside the limousine and moving out into the main stream, uh, I suddenly heard a rock or a bottle, something, struck the car. And I tell you, I was really frightened and was not too happy to be with the President at the moment. I would much preferred have been, having been at home. Nevertheless, uh, the President accepted it very, very coolly. He was not, he was not moved by it at all. At least when I say he was not moved I mean that he did not appear to be afraid in any way. And of course after a few more paces we got out of that crowd and was back on our way to the beach.