Interview with Athalie Range

Talk to me about the unemployment issue and what attempts were made to solve it in 1980.


Yes. Among the many promises that were made, there were certainly many promises made about the efforts in employment, that we would have better employment. There would be many jobs offered. And indeed they were. Jobs were offered. Nevertheless, the jobs that were offered were for the greater part jobs that people were not completely fitted to do. I can give you an example. If a man is a welder it isn't likely that he's walking the street looking for a job because he's trained to do a highly technical job and he's able to find work. If a man's an electrician the same thing holds true. Consequently, many of the jobs that were offered what was found out later to be t--jobs that needed particular skills and still the man on the street did not profit from this, because the man on the street, uh, knew little or nothing of this kind of employment. So it didn't really help a whole lot. And that has happened in 1980 and succeeding years. The jobs are never what the people actually can do.