Interview with Athalie Range

Why do you remain in Liberty City? You've been here for quite a while and you stay here. Many people have left.


Yes, many people have left, but Liberty City is, well, I consider it home. Of course, I came from Overtown to begin with. I've been here in Liberty City. I serve the people in Liberty City. That is one of the main objectives of my business, is to be here to serve the people in Liberty City and in neighboring areas. I feel it's a fine thing for younger people to move out, to stretch out, to go wherever they are pleased. But I am pleased to be here, to build a monument to this community. And I feel that it's necessary to remain here and help to build Liberty City up rather than to go away and look at it in scorn. There are too many people right now who grew up right here in Liberty City, yet they got on the expressways, ride from their downtown jobs over Liberty City, go to the outlying areas, get their cocktails, lock their door, and forget that there's a world outside of people like me who live in Liberty City.