Interview with Athalie Range

A little bit, I think what we're talking about is leadership. I wonder if you can describe what the situation is in Miami with respect to leadership for the Black community.


You know, that question always bothers me just a little as far as leadership is concerned. Ah. Whenever we come into a community like Liberty City, the seekers always ask, "Who are your leaders? Take me to your leader." And it always gives me the feeling of the fables we read in the history books when the, uh, hunters went over to Africa, you know, to, to look for wild animals and they'd get caught by a tribe. And they're going to be burned in oil. They'd say, "Take me to your leader." We don't have such a leadership here in Liberty City. I think--or here in Dade County for that matter. I think everyone is trying to make his contribution toward whatever he can do to make things better for the total community. And almost anyone can take a leadership role in certain areas. Naturally we have those trained persons who ought be in the forefront in order to guide those who do need the leadership and I think we have, uh, a number of good leaders. I think the older ones of us now who, uh, blazed the trail we might say, are willing now to step back just a little, let those who have gained the opportunity through our efforts take over and carry us on to greater heights.