Interview with Taylor Rogers

So tell me about the march.


Okay. Well, in the march, me and my two sons, we was marching together uh, when all the glass started breaking and the noise and the police cars was running the sirens. And everybody was all confused and just running over each other.**. My concern was to try to protect my two sons, to get them back to Clayborn Temple. And when we did get back to Clayborn Temple, got inside of Clayborn Temple, they started putting gas in Clayborn Temple. Me and one of my, one of my sons got lost from, from us and we start looking for him. And when we come outside the police was still out and we looked out to catch a chance to get to the car. Well, and another thing come to mind. Some guy throwed a brick at the police. And that created another disturbance so we had to go back inside. And we were still concerned about my son, the, that was, wasn't with us. So when things finally quieted down we went and looked out the door again. And we finally got a chance to run out the door. Ah, when we got to the car he was at the car. And we got in the car and left and came home.