Interview with Taylor Rogers

One last thing I want to ask you. The march ends, and ends in violence and Dr. King leaves.


Thinking back to that march, it must have been an awful day and then King leaves. Did you have any doubts that Martin King would come back to Memphis?


Well, my first thought was that he would come back. 'Cause I don't think the march was really organized like he would want it to be organized. And when we did get the word that he was coming back, uh, then he was talking about marshals. And he want, wanted organized to keep those people that was interrupting to keep them out of the march. And I felt for sure he had to come back to show that, to ensure people that he was nonviolent because the whole idea of disrupting the march was to make Dr. King look bad. And to say that you know, wherever he goes violence would break out. So I was sure that Dr. King was coming back. And, um, we got the word and we start organize and getting people together so we'd have the march properly organized. And, and you know. So he never did get a chance to do that march.