Interview with Taylor Rogers

You were at Dr. King's mountaintop speech. What stands out about that night?


Well, uh, his speech was really... You could tell that he felt that something was going to happen to him. You know, maybe not the next day but he know in the future something was going to happen to him because he said, you know, "I've seen the promised land. I might not get there with you." You know, and then he said that, uh, uh, uh, longevity have a lo--have a, a place but you know, he--you know, that brought out a lot of feelings among the crowd. You could hear the roars of the crowd. And I believe that night it was really s--a stormy night on the outside. And Mason Temple was jammed. It was s--standing room only. Ah, it was just a, you know, it was just a night, and that speech, it just brought the crowd to their feet. And everybody had, had the feeling that he felt that probably that would be his last speech. Ah, and that's you know, what, I can always remember that part of the speech. I had, like I say, I had my kids with me, again, uh, my wife and my kids and you know, we was all concerned because needs, I needs to go back to work.