Interview with Taylor Rogers

You know, thinking about the strike, and thinking about what you guys were risking, you know, you personally must have been risking a lot.


Well I was, I mean, I have seven kids in school at the time trying to educate my kids and trying to buy a home, ah, It was just, it was really rough but I know that something had to happen. That we couldn't continue on making a dollar, four cent an hour.**. You know, we just couldn't, couldn't continue on with that with no benefits, ah, and I saw and knew what the union could do for us. And we had some people there who started going back in before that last, before Dr. King was assassinated. We had people going back in. But after that, those people came out and in a couple of days the strike was over. They, you know they put pressure on Henry Loeb after the King got killed. They put pressure on Henry Loeb to recognize the union.