Interview with George Romney

Can you tell me about the series of phone conversations you had with Mayor Cavanagh?


Well, the first conversation was one that, uh, Cavanagh and I had with uh, Vice-President Humphrey. And Vice-President Humphrey indicated that, uh, we ought to call, uh, Attorney General Clark, that he was responsible for making such decisions. So we called Attorney General Clark and he indicated that we would get federal assistance, that the troops would be made available. Then he called us back several hours later to indicate that uh, he'd have to have a written statement indicating that the riot was completely beyond our ability to control. Well the difficulty of that was that it would have nullified all of the insurance policies over the whole area, so, and furthermore, we didn't know with certainty that we couldn't control it, uh, we didn't, uh, we thought we might not be able to. Ah, so, uh, I indicated that to him.**. And then it took some time to work out, uh, a written request that was agreeable to him that wouldn't nullify all the insurance contracts in the area. And several hours later we were able to get, uh, an indication that they would give us federal assistance.