Interview with George Romney

Um, the troops finally arrived but they're kept on the outskirts of the city and you told me about touring the city with Cyrus Vance late in the afternoon and were critical of that choice of time because Vance decided that things were calm. Can you tell me that story again about going out with Vance?


Well Vance and, uh, General Throckmorton arrived about noon and, uh, late in the afternoon about, uh, in, in the evening actually, uh, Throckmorton and Vance decided to tour the city, uh, Cavanagh and I had been urging him to get the federal troops on the street, but before doing that he wanted to got--to go out and take another look. And they unfortunately went out at about mealtime, uh, so probably some of the rioters were getting something to eat because things had quieted down some so, uh, Vance and Throckmorton decided at that point not to commit the federal troops, uh, so it was several hours later before they were committed.