Interview with George Romney

So the troops had been postponed still ?


Yes it began to pick up after the dinner hour. And, uh, General Throckmorton and I were cov--uh calling, covering the figures to indicate the intensity of what was occurring. And as it continued to mount, I became terribly distressed and concerned and asked to see Vance again, and, uh, confronted Vance with the necessity of getting those troops out on the street. Well at that point he asked me to give the same sort of written statement that Clark had asked me to give him that I was unable to give. So I had to tell Vance, "Look I've been through that, there's no point in going through that again, we need those federal troops out on the streets. If you want to blame me, blame me but let's get the federal troops out on the streets." Now he didn't order them at that point. I'm sure he had to confer with Washington, I think with the White House, I don't know that it was the White House, but it was only t--two or three hours later that he ultimately, uh, indicated that, uh, the troops were out on the streets. And then President Johnson went on the air, uh, uh, and announced that they were going to commit the federal troops.